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Full-Service Mosquito &
Pest Control in Abilene, TX

Enjoy twilight hours in Abilene, TX, without those pesky mosquitoes! Call the Mosquito Man to treat your home or business, so you can enjoy your deck, porch, or patio again. Don’t let the mosquitoes drive you indoors!

More than Mosquitoes

We can help you avoid unpleasant encounters with more than just mosquitoes. Mosquito Man pest control services will treat your home or commercial property for roaches, spiders, and bed bugs, as well as mice and other rodents. We’ll also let you know if your home needs preventative maintenance, such as caulking around windows, repairing door sweeps, or replacing weather strips. For an additional fee, we’re happy to do these repairs for you!

Be sure to ask about our fire ant treatments, too!

Locally Owned Pest Control Company in Abilene, TX
Get to Know Us

Family Owned and Operated Pest Control Company in Abilene, TX

Owner Mark Wright started the Mosquito Man exterminator business in his hometown of Abilene, TX, after working for a nationwide pest control company in Houston. He and his technicians treat homes throughout the area as well as commercial properties, such as wedding venues, golf courses, baseball fields, parks, restaurants, business offices, and more.

Family owned and operated, the Mosquito Man offers pest control for roaches, spiders, bed bugs, and all kinds of pesky creatures, including mice and other rodents. We also treat for fire ants! The products used by Mosquito Man are pet-safe and child-safe.

Ask Mosquito Man About Our
Mosquito Maintenance Program!

  • love this crew best in Abilene

    TerryMichelle B.

    Absolutelty the best! Quick appt time and quick application! Uses the best flea and tick eradication chemicals..very cost effective!!

    Cheyenne H.

    Amazing job! Definitely recommend!

    Jasa M.
  • We had a wonderful experience!! Mark is so personable and went out of his way to take care of us!! I would highly recommend him to everyone!!

    Chelsea H.

    I wasn’t able to sit outside or grill because the mosquitos were so bad. The same night that our yard got sprayed I didn’t see a single mosquito. This stuff works great.

    Keaton K.

    Mosquito Man does one heck of a job!!! Appreciate the prompt service and attention to detail!!

    Josh L.
  • We can set outside without getting bit makes it really nice

    Randy O.

    This really works ..I'm a mosquito magnet and i can sit outside and enjoy myself after we get our yard sprayed..well worth it and will continue to be a regular customer

    Pam O.

    was super friendly shared a lot of interest with family in Greenville Texas the mosquito Man really knows what he's doing and even with the rain the mosquitoes and bugs stay away truly blessed

    Jamie N.
  • Mosquitoes love me but they love my son even more. Between bug spray, yard foggers, and tiki torches being lit we would go back inside with 5-10 new mosquito bites! Fed up, I thought I would give Mosquito Man a try. I told Mark of my skepticism and he assured me that this stuff works. I didn’t fully believe him but I would have just taken less at that point. I have been outside everyday, mid afternoon through evening and I have yet to see a single mosquito and we have NO bites!!! None. I don’t know what is in that magic spray but seriously, it’s worth it.

    Randi L.

    They do an amazing job! Very professional and prompt. They always make sure to call and email before coming out to spray. I would highly recommend this company!

    Kayla B.